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hammer the northeast just nine days after super-storm sandy devastated the region. another storm slams the northeast, this one won't pack the same punch as that last one. >> it is impacting the area still reeling from sandy. looking live in waterbury, connecticut, at least six inches of snow. it's making a mess of the roads there. jay grey with a similar scene in new jersey. >> reporter: ten days after sandy and the sea is raging again. high winds and heavy rains are battering the northeast already. flood watt others are rising. >> it's very sad. it's very sad to see it's getting pounded again. >> reporter: and this time, there's also snow. >> i don't believe it's like snowing here. >> reporter: a thick blank et covering roadways and cancelling flights and now settling over the debris that sandy left behind adding to the misery that so many have been forced to deal with here. the conditions are crippling with clean-up and recovery. >> i could see us actually moving backwards and people who have gotten power losing power again. >> hundreds of thousands struggling without power and strug
. as the flood waters fell from hurricane sandy, the death toll continues to climb. >> the super storm has claimed 72 lives. in staten island, new york, many are found dead, trapped inside their home. new video from connecticut shows multi-milliion dollar homes as sandy rolled to shore. and in nj nnl, devastation as far as the eye can see. something president obama got to see firsthand. tonight, jay gray reports from toms river, new jersey. >> this is what the long road back looks like in new jersey. >> devastating. it's unbelievable. >> i've got nothing. memories or anything else. everything is ruined. ruined. >> ravaged by sandy. homes ripped from their foundations, boats thrown into the middle of the street and entire communities washed away. others still under water. >> we're seeing this very common sight here. >> the devastation stretches for miles. towns and lives were reduced to rubble. >> can't even imagine that. no matter how much you imagine what it's going to look like, it's worse. >> reporter: president obama toured the devastation with new jersey governor today delivering the
>>> tonight, two big stories, sandy and the election. the kacandidates on a cross country tour of the battleground states, including here in the d.c. area. >> he's offering excuses, i'm offering a plan. >> people further north wait for hours to fill up their cars. >> i don't understand why he cut the line. >> the death toll from sandy rising, but there are amazing stories of survivor. >> i'm lucky i got out. >> good evening, i'm chris gordon in for jim rosenfield who is on assignment tonight on staten island. his story coming up. a live look outside. it feels like we haven't seen the sun in weeks, storm team four meteorologist chuck bell is in our weather center. any chance for sun tomorrow? >> i'm holding out optimism we will get more sunshine tomorrow than we had today. and that will be more sunshine than we've seen in the better part of a week and a half around here. it won't do much to ease the chill, but even so, a little sunshine will help lift everyone's spirits a touch. for now, though, it is chilly outside. temperatures already back down into the upper 30s and mid-40s.
devastation for miles, even the basics are hard to come by three days after hurricane sandy roared ashore. >>> a dramatic takedown. a virginia man wanted for a spring of pipe bombings found thousands of miles from the crime scene. >> he's a sociopath that needs help. >>> only on news4, a woman stabbed more than 25 times sends a warning to her attacker. >>> fatigue and frustration are growing tonight as the cleanup continues after hurricane sandy. >> the death toll stands at 90 now with millionses of people still in the dark. jay gray has more from toms river, new jersey. >> reporter: troops and heavy equipment continue to move into the strike zone. >> we're in the triage and attack phase now of the storm. >> reporter: the tattered road to recovery littered with debris and the splintered and twisted remnants of so many lives before the storm. >> every single person on this block has lost. >> reporter: there are chances for hope. charging stations provide a lifeline. the subway in new york is slowly coming back online. as officials race to get ready for the famed marathon this weekends, tho
a harsh northeaster taking aim at same areas, devastated by sandy. >> still looking for 2 to 4 inches of rain, wind gusts, 40 to 50 miles per hour. time frame, wednesday into thursday. >> reporter: so right now with heavy equipment, and by hand, the work continues around the clock. volunteers helping with debris. delivering much needed supplies to those strug sgling. >> man have lost their houses. what they claim to beep the the houses are no more. >> reporter: what is clear in the disaster they still have each other. >> there is a lot of despair. people cry in my arms and their arms, how awful this is. the best resource we have to fight this is being new yorkers. >> reporter: resources and a bond that so many now lean on to pick up after sandy and prepare for more rough weather that could be on the way. jay gray, nbc news. >> word tonight from amtrak, service will be limited tomorrow between washington, new york and boston. amtrak telling passengers to make reservations by phone or on line to avoid sold out lines. crews repairing damage from the storm last week. chris christie says h
make one final push to win voters. >> people are still cleaning up after super storm sandy as another strong storm threatens the east coast. a system could bring rain and snow to our region. >> also a touching tribute tonight as family and friends gather to remember a promising teenager. she was killed on her way to school. millions of dollars spent on tv ads. it's all now coming down to this. >> both president obama and mitt romney are going late into the night with speeches in must-win states. steve handlesman is in cincinnati, ohio, on this election eve. >> mitt romney's final ohio rally filled a hangar in columbus with 10,000 screaming supporters. >> let's make sure everyone we know gets out to vote on tuesday. >> earlier introduced by bruce springsteen and jay-z. >> hello, ohio! are you fired up? >> president obama held his final day ohio event in columbus. an estimated 15,000 supporters and a pitch aimed at ohio. >> i'm proud we saved the auto industry. i'm even prouder that we're making better cars now. gl the president vizzed volunteers and called an voters. >> for days republ
says he will not allow controversy over that event to impede recovery from sandy. >> jay grey has the latest now from atlantic city. >> reporter: four days later and, still, the fury of sandy is too much for some to bare. flood waters carried a boat into ester larubio's home. >> we need help here, we truly do. >> reporter: many simply aren't going anywhere. in some cases, pushing patience and emotions over the edge. but the difficulties, like the directi direction, stretched for miles along the atlantic coast. and hope is quickly fading, as well. >> we have bodies being removed up the block. we are devastated here. >> devastation that after days of controversy, ultimately, forced organizers to cancel the new york city marathon. >> the race had become a distraction. it had become a distraction for people who are working and trying to help people. >> help is beginning to show up by the truckload here, the basic necessities, like water, food and warm clothes. >> reporter: tonight, an all-star line up benefit for storm victims organized by nbc. >> reporter: while along the boardwalk,
for the veterans day parade. parade organizers used the event as an opportunity to support victims of sandy, the united war veterans council, collected winter coats for people affected by the storm. veterans day observed across the country tomorrow. there will be changes to public transportation in the area. metro opens at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. but will run on a saturday schedule. off-peak fares in effect all day. track work will continue tomorrow on the orange, red and green lines. marc and vre not running tomorrow. everything back to normal by tuesday morning. >>> more than 160 passengers on an amtrak train headed to union station had to make part of the journey by bus. csx train derailed north of richmond tonight. amtrak had to stop train 66 at richmond's main street station. and transfert passengers to buses. passengers arrived at union station after 10:00 p.m. >>> hope you enjoyed the warm weather this weekend. some cold temperatures are on the way. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell here to tell us how cold it is going to get. chuck? >> hey there, jim. good evening. everybody watchin
sandy. the state's attorney general says seven gas stations and a hotel are accused of hiking prices by almost 60%. that states antigouging laws prohibit more than 10 percent in an emergency. the businesses could be fined up to $10,000 for each offense. >> if you've watched a football game lately, you may have noticed some nfl players looking more fit. that's because some athletes are changing the way they eat and exercise so that they can stay healthier on the field and on in to the future. >> washington red skins line back eer lorenzo alexander is a big guy. his job is to tackle, mowing doub anyone trying to score. so does it seem a little strange to see him here? >> i fell in love with ut and it was really hoping my game. >> it also helped him to slim down, losing 75 pounds since he started in the nfl six jeer years ago. . >> pilatti has has really allowed me to be just as explosive as i was when i was 285. i think it's great our athletes are being more in tuned with their bodies. >>. >> alexander is just one of a number of athletes who are getting faster and slimmer. they're no l
'll remain in place in new york. fema has approved 4$450 million in aid for sandy victims, so far. but new york city alone is expected to see billions in disaster fund. nearly 60,000 homes and businesses in long island still don't have power. >> up next, the voice of elmo taking a break from sesame street to fight allegations of teen sex. >> the four things you should avoid he grew up in maryland and has been playing elmo since the '80s. the accuser is 24 years old now. in a statement admitted to nbc news, clash admitted to it but said it was between two consenting adults. >> a lot of people have a strategy when it comes to holiday shopping and it often includes a trip to elton. >> doreen, when we hear outlet malls, most of us think discount. but that's not always the case. the outlet deals and the outlet don'ts. >> typically, i'm looking for bargains on designer items. >> i just love to get high-end goods for a really cheap price. >> reporter: but is the price you pay at the outlet really a deal? >> usual always do research. >> reporter: first rule, don't presume you're always getting top
whatever they could or whatever wasn't destroyed by superstorm sandy almost two weeks ago. it is still unclear when they will be allowed back to stay. >> can't do anything to my house until i'm allowed to come back. and mold will set in, and -- more damage could occur. if i'm not allowed to come back here for six months to rebuild, you might as well tear my house down. >> more than 4,000 new jersey residents are still living in shelters. and there are more than 185,000 people without power across several states. >>> here at home we're enjoying mild november weather. another nice day in store for tomorrow. steamer te storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here. >> good evening. a pleasant evening outside. kind of on the chilly side, but it is november after all. by november standards and compared to the last few weeks, it's not all that cold out there. overnight lows are not going to be dropping like they have been the last couple of mornings. 48 downtown. 44 at andrews air force base. 51 in annapolis. 43 in leesburg. and storm team 4 radar shows no rain to worry about. we're going to
in new york and new jersey. just a week and a half ago after hurricane sandy, a record-breaking snowstorm is adding to the power problems. 200,000 more people lost electricity, adding to those who have been without power since that storm hit. new york's governor andrew cuomo is calling for an investigation. he accuses utility companies of being unprepared and badly operated. families living in damaged homes are coping the best they can. >> that was the frosting on the cake. it was just. >> reporter: you're laughing about it. >> you know, if i started to cry, i really don't know when i would stop. >> new jersey governor chris christie says all 400,000 outages in his state should be fixed by saturday. >>> as some areas cope with all that snow, our area is getting ready for a warm-up. doug lets us know just how warm it ae's going to get. >> doreen, a sorely needed pattern shift. we've been talking about below average temperatures for two weeks. a nice night out there, but notice the breeze. we're still seeing winds gusting to 25 miles an hour at this hour, actual winds at northwest at 15 mil
. it was hit by sandy but not affected. it was not damaged. it was put up today. it was an 80-feet tree. it weighs 20,000 pounds. that lightning ceremony by the way will be on november 28th. they had to put it up today. but it will be a while before they light the tree. out towards our area, what are we seeing in cold conditions. high temperature today only 49 degrees. after a low this morning of 36. we're not far away from 36 right now. the last ten of 14 days have been below average. it has been a cold november so far. i think we're going to continue on that cold trend. 38 degrees the current number. dew point is 29. we can go down a few more degrees with wind out of the north at 6 miles an hour. that puts our windchill around 33, 34. look at the current numbers. already at 11:00, 28 in frederick, 28 in manassas. temperatures will fall a little more tonight but not a whole lot more. the radar not showing rain. look at the krocloud cover. the storm system developing to help to bring us these clouds. we can expect temperatures to drop maybe 2 or 3 more degrees. that's approximate it. i
working. >>> there's new video tonight to shows the moment that superstorm sandy hit the new york city subway. the port authority released this video of the subways flooding at the height of the storm. city officials say lights are back on now in nearly 400 housing complexes but dozens of people there still don't have heat or hot water. president obama visited new york's hardest hit areas today. he met with parents of two boys carried away by the floodwaters in staten island. >>> now to a hard lesson in economics. budget cuts are forcing d.c. to shut down 20 public schools but parents are fighting back to try to keep the plan from moving forward. erika gonzalez has both sides of the debate. >> reporter: if you ask dc chancellor kai ya henderson the reason to shut down schools, it's a number game. >> there's a boat load of more money coming in from somewhere. i have to use the resources i currently have differently. >> reporter: too few students in too many schools. enrollment has been on decline in the district with over 40 years with only a recent slight uptick. some parents and criti
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14